Saves lives in traffic

Saves lives in traffic


  • Meaning: helmet, protection

  • ELMO stands for ELearning & MOtion



  • 300.000 children/yearly end in hospital owing to bike related accidents (

  • >40% wear the helmet incorrectly (Rådet For Sikker Trafik)

  • Kids don't orientate well without their parents (Rådet For Sikker Trafik)



ELMO is a kit of two motion-sensors, that are easily mounted on the helmet and the bike handle. The sensors communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, and solves the before mentioned problems.  

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Feature 1: Helmet Reminder

If the helmet is not worn by the cyclist, the bike sensor will vibrate. Parents can also be notified via the Elmo App. 


Feature 2: Helmet Calibrator

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This feature helps the rider to wear the helmet correctly. Data is sent to the Elmo App. 




ELMO is a social network created, to motivate people to lead healthier lives - while having fun with their peers. The more kilometres you cycle and the safer, the more points you will collect. 


  • Your rides are evaluated. If the user forgets to orientate, it is outlined on a map.

  • You can see where your friends are cycling on a map (in realtime).

  • You can see safety statistics of your classmates, your parents etc.

  • Parents can get a notification when their kid arrives in school.


Game: Elmo Ride

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Elmo Ride is indoors cycling made fun. Adventure. Achievement. Group rides, workouts, and competitive races against people from all over the world. 

You don't need expensive cycling gear to participate. By using the ELMO technology you only need to place your bike on a rack to enter the virtual cycling lane. 



  • Patented (august, 2017)



Target Market / Market


Market Size

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  • ICE, Crash Sensor alerts emergency contacts if a dangerous head impact is detected.

  • Fohawx is looking to make the helmet fashionable and cool for kids.


Blue Ocean Canvas

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Business Model

Sales Channels

  • Pro

  • Mass Market

  • B2B

  • OEM


Milestones (phase 1 + 2)


Financial Projections (2018-21)

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Sales Projections (2018-21)

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Funding Needed - 300.000 USD

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Budget (2017-21)

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Budget (2018-19)


Cashflow (2018-19)






  Murad Mahmoud   CEO

Murad Mahmoud


  Lauge Rønnow   CTO

Lauge Rønnow